Choosing The Right Criminal Defense Attorney in Baldwin County

If you are facing criminal charges, then you’re probably searching high and low for the best criminal defense attorney in Baldwin County. Criminal charges can be very daunting and stressful, and you want to make sure you have the best legal representation on your side. Learn more below about tips for choosing the right criminal defense lawyer in your area.  


The first thing you need to consider is the amount of experience your attorney has handled similar cases to yours. While some law firms might be experienced in certain areas of law, that doesn’t mean they have experience handling your specific type of case. Be sure to ask specific questions about their experience and their success rate with other clients that may be similar to you.  

Avoid Public Defenders 

More than likely, a public defender will not get the outcome you are hoping for. Public defenders are assigned to people that cannot afford to hire their own attorney. That should be reason enough to avoid them at all costs. You want to hire someone that will work hard for you and study and understand the ins and outs of your case. A public defender will likely have several different cases they are trying at the same time, and you more than likely will not be first in line. So, it’s important to hire someone that can focus their time and attention on your case.  

Board Certifications 

We all know that to become a lawyer or attorney, there are many different schools and tests and certifications that must be passed and completed beforehand. You want to make sure your attorney is certified in all of these different areas before hiring them. It will also bring your peace of mind knowing that your lawyer and attorney have all of the knowledge they need to be able to successfully navigate your case.  

In-Person Interview 

You might find several different online attorneys that request digital meetings, or just email and telephone communications. It is in your best interest to schedule an in-person meeting and get to know your criminal defense attorney face to face. Depending on the extent of your charges, you two will be spending a lot of time together, and you need to meet your attorney face to face rather than just trusting their word over the phone. There is a lot you can learn about someone by meeting them in person.  

Available and Accessible 

If you’re facing criminal charges, you need an attorney that you can access and reach at any time. Having a lawyer that never answers the phone, or calls you back, can be frustrating. You want someone on your side who is available to answer your questions at any time and someone who keeps you in the loop with the status of your case.  

If you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney, we hope these tips will help you choose the best one for your case and yourself. It can seem like a tiring process to track down the right attorney, but it will be worth it in the long run.