Weed is authorized in New Jersey. Can my Pennsylvania employer take a look at me for it?

Weed is now lawful in New Jersey, so what does this indicate for Pennsylvania residents who may want to partake?

We have got you lined on what to do if you’re pulled above, if you want to obtain weed in New Jersey and deliver it again about point out traces, and if you want to know about using tobacco weed at the Shore.

But what if you smoke authorized hashish while in New Jersey — can you get in difficulty again at function in Pennsylvania? Possibly.

Crucial takeaways

  • Drug tests at do the job is largely dealt with by area and condition legislation.
  • In Pennsylvania, your employer can test you for marijuana.
  • In Philadelphia, your employer can not examination you for marijuana when you are applying for a job, but they can exam you as soon as they’ve employed you. And there are some exceptions.
  • You can not be fired for making use of medical cannabis, though there are some exceptions.

Indeed. In Pennsylvania, businesses are allowed to drug examination before and all through your work with them.

There are not quite a few federal legal guidelines with regards to employment drug checks, according to electronic lawful resource NOLO work drug testing rules are generally at the state and regional level. In Pennsylvania, there aren’t many legal guidelines requiring or prohibiting work drug exams both. This implies that it is up to businesses to make their possess guidelines. (Corporations generally include their drug tests procedures in your employee handbook or employment deal.)

And, if you check constructive — even if you have used cannabis lawfully in New Jersey — you can be fired (unless you have a health-related cannabis card).

Certainly. Companies that operate in Philadelphia can however drug exam you for your career. Nonetheless, there are rules in Philly that prohibit specific employers from drug tests when another person is making use of for a occupation. Here’s how they work:

A lot of employers in Philadelphia are not authorized to test for cannabis in preemployment drug assessments. This implies that when you’re implementing for a career, an employer just cannot drug check you for marijuana.

When you get the position, although, your employer can drug examination you for marijuana based on company policy.

In accordance to the Metropolis Council ordinance, there are exemptions to the Philly legislation. You can be drug tested if you are making use of for a job:

  • that demands a professional driving license.

  • that requires supervising kids, health care individuals, or folks with a disability or specific vulnerability.

  • that could effect the overall health and security of other individuals.

  • that calls for drug assessments beneath federal or state law

  • that now has a collective-bargaining settlement about preemployment drug tests.

Here’s a complete breakdown on Philly’s ban on preemployment drug testing for cannabis.

No, as long as you are not having higher at operate. It is against the legislation to hearth someone who has a medical cannabis prescription and consumes marijuana for the duration of off-operate several hours. This involves preemployment drug screening and random drug screening. On the other hand, if your employer can verify that you are intoxicated or consuming marijuana at operate, you can legally be fired.

Here’s a entire breakdown of your legal rights to employment when making use of professional medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Technically, no. In accordance to New Jersey’s law, there can’t be any “adverse work consequence” — like staying fired or denied a job — simply because an worker analyzed favourable for cannabis. You also can’t be fired, denied a position, or turned down for a expert license in New Jersey if you have a cannabis-associated report.

Here’s a whole breakdown of your legal rights to employment when employing health care marijuana in New Jersey.