Lawyer: Antonio Brown’s statements match what Bucs have mentioned in writing

Lawyer: Antonio Brown’s statements match what Bucs have mentioned in writing

There has been a lot shared on the Antonio Brown condition because the Buccaneers sport from the New York Jets some weeks ago. Brown had been launched, alleged texts have been shared by social media channels, and the workforce has stood by their aspect of matters.

The previous receiver has experienced numerous job interview spots together with his lawyer the previous couple weeks, as well, where by they stand by his statements that Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians and the personnel did not settle for his incapability to keep on any further in the second 50 percent of their 28-24 earn in New York owing to an ankle personal injury.

In an superior screening for “Real Sporting activities with Bryant Gumbel” on HBO, Brown and his lawyer Sean Burstyn fielded some rough issues throughout an job interview that will air during the episode.

In the job interview, Gumbel introduced up how the crew states Brown never ever pointed out his wounded ankle to head coach Bruce Arians nor the health-related employees. Burstyn shared that they have documented evidence of Brown telling head mentor Bruce Arians about his hurt ankle even though on the sidelines of the New York Jets activity. He statements General Supervisor Jason Licht interviewed Arians that evening following the Jets video game and texted the receiver’s camp with notes of the dialogue among Licht and Arians, which incorporated Brown’s promises of telling the mentor on the sidelines of his injured ankle.

“Both sides, at the very least privately, are in agreement that Antonio’s ankle was injured and he directly told the team about it,” Burstyn stated during the interview.

Because of Brown’s past numerous have pointed to his sideline meltdown in New York as some sort of mental breakdown. And with that, Gumbel asked Brown that presented his heritage numerous feel his claims lack reliability and sympathy. The veteran receiver disagreed with those people statements.

“This isn’t about the earlier or believability,” Brown reported. “This is about a participant being handled unfairly and unjustly.”

Brustyn would continue on.

“People’s prejudices and unbiases mainly because of his record or no matter what they want to feel, it is considerably less surprising to us than the Bucs striving to spin that narrative which we know due to the fact they texted us. They are weaponizing psychological health and fitness, almost everything people want to consider about Antonio Brown, to protect up a actually uncomplicated situation — which is a player who gave it his all, gave his bodily effectively-getting for his workforce and acquired minimize when he reported ‘this is my restrict and I just cannot go even more.’

“Everything [Antonio Brown] mentioned matches precisely what the Bucs have set to us in composing, it matches the medical records, and it matches what the major surgeon, Dr. Martin O’Malley, told us when he reviewed Antonio’s contemporaneous MRI. In private there is a rather clear matchup and in which the Bucs go to the public and spin this as a psychological well being difficulty. And that did not come to us as a shock that they would go there and talk to us to not spin it any other way.”

In accordance to Burstyn, Brown’s authorized group will be looking at quite a few prospective lawsuits, which includes defamation, both of those inside of the CBA and civil. He stated Brown will be on the lookout for all his entitlements signed for in his agreement and will keep to account the firm, Arians, Licht, and any person else probably accountable for the spin on Brown’s “mental fortitude” on participating in football.

When Brown was asked how considerably he would be searching for, he stated “A complete lot” simply because it is “disrespectful” to throw all-around the circumstance of mental health.

The interview will air in its entirety tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET on HBO.