How to list education on resume

How to list education on resume

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Many of our customers unreasonably believe that the essay refers to a simple type of written work. This is in vain, since writing an essay carries with it quite serious reflections and reasoning. The teacher or employer for whom the essay is being written must, with the help of a small text, understand the personality and character of the author, find out for himself what his life position is.

It is because our customers sometimes take a serious attitude to writing an essay, they have certain errors.

The first error is a low level of verification. Due to the fact that writing an essay is not taken seriously, many authors simply forget or do not want to check. Naturally, almost everyone checks for errors in the grammar of the essay. But at the same time, attention is not paid to stylistics, checking of speech turnovers, and similar nuances. To avoid this, it will take several times to reread the essay. You can even date it to check your friends or acquaintances. Speech problems often occur when text is written in free form. That is, the author has a certain idea, he puts it on paper, but at the same time he can get carried away, and not pay attention to the fact that he did not correctly formulate his thought, while missing the basics of stylistics.

The second mistake is a tedious preface or the entire text. Remember that the essay should not be read boring. If the author himself loves long reasoning, without capturing the meaning, then it will be difficult for him to write such material that will interest the reader. There is only one way out – to give as many people as possible to re-read the essay and leave your conclusion.

The third mistake is verbosity. Do not forget that the essay also, like any other written work, should have a certain amount. An essay is not a term paper or a diploma. This is a brief overview of a specific topic. The essay should contain only the information on the essence without the “water”.

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