How to Existing Your Distant Witness in a Digital Demo

Supplied the prevalent use of Zoom in our each day lives, it is likely your witness(es) will have some stage of familiarity with the system. But when ever more widespread, video conferencing isn’t fantastic, and you often operate the danger of technological troubles. When it arrives to an on-line authorized proceeding, particular treatment should really be taken to make certain your remote witness’ testimony is equally clear and powerful.

Acquiring assisted with numerous virtual trials right before and for the duration of the pandemic, our workforce has emerged with beneficial encounters and lessons. In Section 1 of this article collection, we made available 10 suggestions for conducting powerful voir dire and jury assortment in a digital or hybrid environment. Below we will share a number of valuable hints for preparing and presenting your remote witness.

How to Prepare Your Distant Witness

1. Develop A “SET” FOR Remote TESTIMONY

A person of the matters you can eliminate for the duration of digital testimony is the capacity to regulate the placing. Really do not risk your witness testifying from their vehicle on the way to perform, or from their occupied workplace with continual interruptions. Alternatively, testifying from their at ease property ecosystem could bring about your witness to handle the encounter far too informally, thus harming their reliability.

Your remote witness(es) will occur across as additional credible—and will existing much more effectively—if they’ve prepped a qualified “set” and dressed the section.

Distant “SET” Concerns

Quiet Site

It’s crucial to create an natural environment in which the jury feels just about as though the witness is sitting with them in the courtroom. We propose placing up their room like it is a information broadcast.

Have your witness choose a tranquil site without having risk of interruption. An exceptional setup would be a meeting space or non-public office environment. If your witness must testify from household, consider added treatment that they tidy their environment and lock the door.

For the duration of testimony, the location guiding your witness must also be totally free from distractions (these kinds of as décor or signage) that could pull at jurors’ focus. If this proves to be a struggle, a basic, good-color backdrop can easily clean up up the watch. 

Optimized Lights

Lighting is an significant thing to consider for distant witness testimony. No matter whether at perform or dwelling, it’s widespread for one’s desk to be set up in front of a window. While they do provide fantastic pure mild, windows can also lead to difficulties with camera brightness and shadows.

To reach the finest attainable lights, have your witness place their notebook dealing with absent from the window and with the light shining towards their experience, but not so shut that they’re compelled to squint. If good lighting by means of present suggests is not probable, we recommended setting up a little LED mild behind the digicam. (See the graphic below for an illustration.)

Digicam Angle

Eye get hold of is crucial to jurors’ perceptions of a witness’s believability, and digital camera angle is crucial to eye speak to. Your witness requires to try to remember that although they are responding to the questioning legal professional, their viewers is the jury. (In a hybrid demo, the remote witness will most likely be projected onto a large screen or monitors in the jury box.)

Sad to say, with video conferencing, the all-natural tendency is to search at the person with whom we are talking. To a juror, your witness may well seem to be to be glancing awkwardly downward when they are truly on the lookout at opposing counsel.

Your witness should area their digital camera at eye amount (employing a box, guide, etc. to raise the personal computer as wanted) and glimpse directly at the lens when talking. A modest sticky observe will work as a fantastic reminder to seem into the digital camera.

Illustrations courtesy of IMS Senior Graphic Designer John Ilg

Multiple Screens

Inspire your remote witness to use a two-display screen setup to minimize distracting eye actions. It can be hard to glance at 1 mounted issue even though testifying on-line. You are going to want to restrict how a great deal the witness is tempted (or forced) to look around, as this habits can hurt their believability in jurors’ eyes.

Obtaining two screens can also enable one display to be designated for shared files and the other for displaying the questioning attorney—as opposed to clicking in between home windows, searching for the suitable buttons, etcetera. On the Zoom display, a fantastic trick is also to “pin” the questioner and conceal any non-speakers.

Specialist Attire

When giving remote testimony, have your witness dress just like they would in the courtroom. Remind them to put on skilled apparel from head to toe, even if their feet won’t be on digicam. This will increase an extra layer of formality to the proceedings—and supplemental believability to your witness.

Apply Will make Great

Not only should you assure your witness has a expert, distraction-free location with optimized lighting, but you must evaluation everything alongside one another in progress. We suggest that distant witnesses start prepping their area and setup at least a week in advance of the digital proceeding to make it possible for time for additional changes and/or apply.

2. Conduct AN Progress “TECH CHECK”


It is critical to do a follow operate with your witness to assure they comprehend the essential capabilities for remote testimony. For instance, they must know how to decrease and shift their have video clip in buy to see evidence that is shown to them.        

Have your witness confirm how to respond to the movie phone and mute their voice. Make certain they’re familiar with the basics of the plan and any functions they’ll want to incorporate—screen sharing, whiteboard, digital pointers, and so forth. Exercise with the drawing and highlighting instruments to verify that the shades they are making use of will exhibit up clearly on any relevant demonstratives.

Your witness should really also know how to change off needless computer software and notifications (electronic mail, information feeds, alarms, etc.) just before their remote testimony commences. If a thing should continue to be on, they ought to use the “Do Not Disturb” setting—including inside of the video clip convention system (i.e.: Zoom) itself. 

Ensure THE Technological Necessities

In addition to generating absolutely sure your witness is organized, you are going to want to verify the technological specifications are achieved.

Relationship velocity is the most essential component of a effective video meeting and requirements to be a minimal of 20MB download and 5MB add speed. Web speeds can be tested at speedtest.internet or When possible, use a hardwire relationship instead than Wi-Fi the signal is often far more reliable and dependable.

Be certain to check out the lag pace as well. A basic visual lag examination involves keeping up five fingers on your finish and acquiring the witness count down on theirs. A thing all around a half-second hold off is acceptable, but as well substantially more can toss anyone off.


Second to internet speed, sound quality is the most vital element of successful testimony by video clip conference. Perform a handful of audio checks in progress to assure your distant witness appears (and appears to be) how you envisioned.

3. Supply VERBAL & NON-VERBAL Interaction Guidelines

In addition to their visual appearance and surroundings, your distant witness should also be mindful of what they say—or really do not say—during an on the net proceeding.

VERBAL Suggestions FOR Distant TESTIMONY

Instruct your witness not to say everything until they are questioned. Given the possible for small connectivity lag in digital trials, you really do not want a clumsy, talking-over-every-other cycle to begin. Whether the jury is in the courtroom or not, remind your witness that opposing counsel and the choose will listen to each individual word. On the other hand, when they are dealt with, your witness really should converse up and stay away from trailing off with their responses.

Great listening also goes a prolonged way. Even so, a person of the worries of the virtual technological innovation applied in on the internet authorized proceedings is that it can be difficult to listen to if two individuals start off speaking at as soon as. Question your witness to just take a beat right before answering the dilemma. A brief pause will also give you a prospect to object to an opposing attorney’s dilemma, if desired.


Nonverbals subject more than ever in this virtual and semi-digital litigation surroundings. Never let your distant witness be lulled into casual behavior by the distancing effect of a computer screen—it’s all remaining caught on camera and could damage their trustworthiness. Their facial communication will be especially well known if they are sitting down shut to their laptop/webcam.

If your witness is seated during remote testimony, likelihood are they’ll only be noticed from the shoulders and over. Therefore, their posture need to be powerful and professional, not relaxed. Remind them to sit up straight and make confident their chair doesn’t go or recline.

Eventually, check with your witness to hold drinking water handy. Needing to routinely distinct their throat, swallow, or cough can throw off their pacing and affect their self-confidence.

Presenting a Credible Distant Witness

Working with these guidelines, your witness will be equipped to confidently current their remote testimony. Just after all, substantially of witness trustworthiness will come from self esteem. Our working experience collecting mock-juror feedback about witnesses has armed us with capabilities and methods to assist each and every witness put their finest self forward in this difficult digital surroundings. 

Try to remember, distant video testimony taken all through the pandemic could show up many years from now in a upcoming case—making the previously mentioned preparations all the far more significant.

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