How far back should a resume go

How far back should a resume go

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In a short introduction you should describe the essence of the research being conducted. Here, you kind of awaken the interest of the audience. The main section describes the summary of the work. It is not necessary to divide the content into chapters. It is enough that it contains subparagraphs that would give a visual division of the content into logical parts. The conclusion is also written on the relevant section of the thesis.

A resume is made for distribution to interested parties. The heading, the list of basic text requests and the text itself are written in the summary. The title should contain the word CV. It also contains the name of the applicant, the name of the thesis, as well as keywords in the amount of 10-15 pieces in the nominative case. They are printed in lower case letters in one line. Words must be separated by commas within the meaning.

The text of the summary should reflect the purpose of the work, methods of research, the results obtained, their relevance and scope.

The main purpose of the abstract is to familiarize all interested persons with the results and content of the master’s scientific work. Many applicants do not pay due attention to this important document, but at the same time make a big mistake.

The fact is that interested persons will not have the opportunity to read the entire text of the work prior to the defense, since it is submitted only in duplicate to the department. But with the help of the abstract they can read and learn the whole essence of the research. In many ways, after reading the abstract, people are interested in further exploring the works of this applicant.

How to issue the master’s thesis abstract

Abstract should be a small volume. Its maximum capacity is 15 A4 pages. In this case, the cover and content are not included in the calculation. The abstract should consist of the following points:

Introductory part

Content part


List of works that have already been published


Please note that there will be no title page for the abstract.

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