FIFA Trying to get Authorized Advice On Palestinian Drive To Suspend Israel From Soccer Competitions

The Palestinian soccer association is hoping to influence FIFA to suspend Israel from international soccer competitions.

The new report from the Associated Press explains that FIFA is seeking legal advice from outside experts before convening a council meeting no later than July 20th. The Palestinian group, which appears to be upset that Israel responded to a terrorist attack from the Palestinian government, was allowed to present its case to the entire 211 member associations of FIFA. 

Israel was also given the opportunity to respond to the Palestinian proposal, and both sides will be considered after receiving the input of outside legal experts.

“FIFA will mandate as of now, independent legal expertise to analyze the three requests [from the Palestinian FA] and ensure the statutes of FIFA are applied in the right way,” Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, explained.

“This legal assessment will have to allow for inputs and claims of both member associations. The results and the recommendations … will be forwarded to the FIFA council.”

After those recommendations are made, the organization will convene an “extraordinary” meeting to make their decision.

“Due to the urgency of the situation, an extraordinary FIFA Council will be convened and will take place before July 20 to review the results of the legal assessment and to take the decisions that are appropriate.”

Palestinian Soccer Affiliation Apparently Not Anxious With Hamas’ Actions

The proposal, according to the AP, asks FIFA to impose “correct sanctions, with instant outcome, towards Israeli teams.” Their justification for the request is as a result of what they claim are “intercontinental law violations fully commited by the Israeli profession in Palestine, notably in Gaza.”

Hilariously, the Palestinian FA cited FIFA’s statutory procedures on human legal rights and discrimination. There was no rationalization of how the Palestinian FA felt about the human legal rights violations of Hamas when they brutally murdered perfectly about 1,200 Israeli citizens, torturing others, as well as committing sexual crimes versus females. All for the crime of becoming Jewish and current next to Hamas-managed territory.

In accordance to the head of the Palestinian FA, the soccer infrastructure in Gaza has either been “destroyed or very seriously broken.” They also said their proposal has the assist of Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Yemen. Speculate why?

Jibril Rajoub, the chief of the Palestinian FA, told the FIFA congress that “the Palestinian individuals, including the Palestinian football relatives, are enduring an unparalleled humanitarian disaster.” 

Rajoub although, praised Hamas’ terrorist attacks on Oct 7th, expressing they were “in the context of the defensive war our folks are waging,” in accordance to a Kuwaiti newspaper. He also explained Hamas is aspect of the “political and social fabric and of our battle,” while saying it was “significant” that they are involved.

It truly is beautiful to find out that the head of the Palestinian FA is a terrorist-supporting hypocrite, only anxious with “humanitarian catastrophes” when they don’t contain Hamas butchering Israeli civilians.

It can be a black mark on FIFA’s document that they are getting the proposal of terrorist sympathizers seriously. But because when has FIFA’s name at any time been really fantastic?