All About Offshore Injury Lawyers

Offshore workers face several challenges, including physical and electrical hazards. Moreover, serious injuries may include fractures, head injuries, and even electrical shock. These injuries may be fatal. In addition to physical injuries, maritime workers are entitled to special protections for their safety and well-being. These lawyers can help injured workers secure the compensation they deserve after a workplace accident. 

Offshore injury lawyers protect injured workers.

Offshore injury lawyers specialize in maritime law. Maritime law is a specialty field within employment law. It was written explicitly for the marine industry to protect workers. Maritime law is a unique area of the law, as it applies only to people working offshore. While some attorneys are knowledgeable about this area of law, not all do. An offshore injury lawyer will be familiar with the unique requirements of maritime law and fight on your behalf.

Offshore injury lawyers like Charles D. Naylor Law provide a contingency payment plan for their clients. Those who require up-front fees may not have the financial means to represent their clients. Offshore injury lawyers help injured workers receive maintenance and cure benefits, regardless of whether the accident was their fault. These benefits may include extra medical costs, disfigurement, and lost wages. These attorneys will evaluate your case and negotiate on your behalf to receive the maximum benefits.

Offshore injury lawyers file lawsuits.

Offshore injury lawsuits start with legal documents called “pleadings.” The first pleading, or complaint, identifies the plaintiff and defendant, states the reasons for jurisdiction, and presents the claims made by the plaintiff. The complaint will also include sections titled “demand of judgment,” in which the plaintiff asks the court to compel the defendant to take specific actions. The lawyer who files the lawsuit will also prepare and file an appropriate response to the defendant’s response.

Offshore injury lawsuits are unique in that the burden of proof for the plaintiff is lower than in other types of cases. For example, in a jack-up rig accident, the Jones Act applies to crew members, even if they contributed to the accident. Therefore, the level of the defendant’s responsibility is critical in determining the final amount of compensation a plaintiff will receive. Fortunately, experienced offshore injury attorneys can help injured seafarers, and their families receive just compensation.

Offshore injury lawyers prepare for trial.

Offshore injury attorneys prepare for trial in the same way as lawyers in any other area of law. They investigate cases thoroughly and prepare arguments for trial. Their preparations may involve extensive discovery and investigation, including witness interviews, video surveillance, and other methods. This preparation is crucial in achieving a favorable outcome, whether or not a case goes to trial. Offshore injury lawyers who prepare for trial have years of experience, diligence, and a proven track record of success.

Offshore injury lawyers fight aggressively on their clients’ behalf.

Family law attorneys often deal with attorneys on the other side of the case and claim to be aggressive. However, some attorneys don’t know what “aggressive” really means. For some, aggressive means contesting every issue, filing frivolous pleadings and acting rudely. This may not serve the best interests of the client. However, the opposite is also true. While aggressive behavior may be in the client’s best interests in the short term, it could harm the case in the long run.