A divorce attorney exposed the leading 5 professions a girl ought to stay away from in a wife or husband in a now-viral TikTok

A divorce lawyer’s TikToks have long gone viral and sparked discussions.TikTok/ @jettiegirl28

  • A divorce law firm shared what she states are the 5 professions a lady ought to prevent in a wife or husband.

  • In a viral TikTok, Katherine Leonard warns about adult men with employment where by they are taken care of like “gods.”

  • She also shared a different TikTok about the top occupation in a partner adult males should really keep away from.

A divorce law firm with the TikTok person title @Jettiegirl28 shared what she claims are the top 5 professions a lady should stay away from in a spouse, primarily based on extra than a decade in the business.

“Around the class of my career, I’ve watched my most tricky scenarios and, shockingly, several of them included gentlemen in these five professions,” explained the lawyer, who discovered herself as KK on the app.

In no specific purchase, she suggests that the five worst professions to marry are: firemen, police officers, armed service guys, surgeons, and pilots.

Insider determined KK as Katie K. Leonard, founder and handling companion of The Leonard Agency in Atlanta, Georgia. Leonard did not quickly answer to Insider’s ask for for comment.

In her video clip, she provides the disclaimer that there are “outliers,” and not all men in these professions slide into the development. But in common, she noticed that males in these professions have a tendency to be a lot more “narcissistic” and “controlling.”

“They have a tendency to be considerably a lot more complicated in working with a divorce. They have type of a ‘nuke the earth, you know, scorch the earth, how dare you challenge me’ kind of technique to litigation,” she continued.

“If you look at these professions, what do they all have in frequent?” she reported. “They’re gods in their profession, correct?”

“If you might be a policeman, you might be walking close to with a gun. You’re walking all around with authority. If you might be a surgeon, you’re strolling all-around the hospital — everybody appears to be up to you, you are in cost, everybody treats you with respect. And then you occur home, and all of a unexpected, somebody’s inquiring you to just take out the trash. I assume that that is a tricky variety of changeover to make,” she reported.

In the meantime, pilots, such as those people who work in the military, have a lot of duty as they are “in management of like 150, 200 people’s life at a time,” she explained. “And they are likely to be really narcissistic and really controlling.”

KK’s TikTok has produced more than 1.5 million sights and 12,400 reviews, with lots of agreeing with her evaluation.

“Uniforms,” the major comment read along with a pink flag emoji, which experienced far more than 15,000 likes.

“Divorced a surgeon, and I can verify this is genuine 😁,” claimed an additional commenter with virtually 2,000 likes.

People recommended added professions they’d increase to the listing, such as pastors, athletes, and expense bankers.

KK also created a TikTok in which she discovered the No. 1 variety of female who struggles with divorce: keep-at-house mothers.

“When you might be divorcing a stay-at-property mother, they’re paralyzed with concern, and rightfully so due to the fact their complete life are about to alter,” she said. Keep-at-household moms, she ongoing, are dealing with a whole lot of financial instability and may well have fears about returning to get the job done after a extensive work absence.

“You will find heaps of points that they will not know economically about what is likely on, so they are inclined to adhere their head in the sand and stall,” she continued in the video that has because gotten additional than 2.9 million views.

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