5 Solid Reasons to File for Divorce

Nobody gets married wanting to get divorced in the future. For most people, the dream is to stay married until death does them part. Unfortunately, divorce is sometimes inevitable, and could be the only solution for people to stay safe. Sometimes marriage does not end up as the spouses had imagined and they have to go separate ways.

If a marriage isn’t working, you can file for divorce on the grounds that you feel are a threat to your peace and freedom. Here are some of the most common reasons why people file for divorce.


One of the most common causes of divorce is adultery. When one partner starts to have extramarital affairs, they can cause physical and emotional strain on their partner. In this case, the spouse has the right to file for divorce, and present evidence of the extramarital affairs and how they affect them. 

Extramarital affairs are ranked as one of the most prevalent causes of divorce. Sometimes, the victim has had to deal with the problem for years before they file for divorce. If you have evidence that your spouse is cheating on you and can back your claims with evidence, then you have sufficient grounds to file for divorce. 


Marriage is a lifetime bind that ties spouses to each other. In marriage, each spouse has a responsibility to the other and their children. If one spouse abandons their responsibilities to their spouse and children, then the abandoned spouse can file for divorce. 

Abandonment means that one spouse no longer provides for the family, does not get involved in the family matters, and could be both emotionally and physically unavailable. However, the abandoned spouse must have sufficient evidence showing that the other party has abandoned them to go through with the divorce. 


You can also file for divorce on grounds of cruelty whereby your spouse treats you inhumanely. This could be in the form of bodily harm or emotional distress which affects your well-being as a human being. 

For instance, if a spouse denies the other food, medication, and other basic rights, they’re being cruel. The abused spouse can file for divorce on such grounds. 

Cruelty could also be in the form of physical abuse such as gender-based violence in the institution of marriage. The abused partner can produce evidence and witnesses to help them expedite the divorce process. With a good divorce attorney to support you, you’ll get your divorce fast. 

Mental Illness

If your spouse suffers from a mental illness that affects your wellbeing, you can hire a divorce attorney and file for divorce. 

Every human being deserves to be at peace, and if your spouse’s sickness is costing you your piece, then it’s time to file for divorce. 

Criminal Conviction

If your spouse becomes a convicted criminal, you can file for divorce. A person who’s been convicted of a crime can be a bad image for their spouse, and could even be dangerous depending on the crime they’ve been convicted of. 

Whatever reason you have for filing for divorce, you need a good divorce attorney to help you with the proceedings.